Sunday, September 2, 2012

Seek Your Financial Advisor and Trainer Using the Same Mindset

In the book, The Wealthy Barber Returns, author Dave Chilton offers three common attributes amongst the best financial advisors he has come across.

1) The best advisors are excellent communicators. They know how to listen, how to teach, and how to coach.

2) They love to read about all things money. This probably played a big part of how they developed their strong communication skills.

3) They spend their time developing and implementing sound financial plans, not trying to outsmart the stock market. Tough to overstate the importance of this last observation.

It is important to look for these same attributes when deciding upon which strength coach/trainer to trust to help you reach your goals.

The best strength coaches/trainers are excellent communicators. It is absolutely essential that the strength coach is capable of making the athlete/client comfortable with their coaching philosophy. The strength coach must first be able to understand the athlete (and their lives) in a mulittude of ways, before they can hope for the athlete to get on board with the methods being used.

The best strength coaches/trainers are always eager to learn and are seeking new avenues to reach their potential in the profession.

The best strength coaches/trainers are not concerned with designing over-zealous periodized programs on paper, or introducing countless new 'cool' exercises to their clients in hopes of 'out-smarting' the human body (and the many lifestyle factors affecting how they will respond), and keeping the entertainment factor high. The best of the best will focus on holding you accountable to mastering the basics, progressing off the basics, and constantly moving you closer to reaching your goals while at the same time keeping the environment free of high risk for injury, and non-compliance. Keep it simple!

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