I am a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist who holds his Masters degree in Kinesiology (Coaching Science) from the University of British Columbia.  As a professional in the strength & conditioning industry, I am passionate about helping performance minded individuals reach their full potential, whether that is by maximizing their sport performance, or allowing one to fully enjoy their active lifestyle.
The strength & conditioning industry today is saturated with gimmicks and devices offering unsubstantiated claims of extraordinary results.  I have made it my career to seek, and implement, scientifically proven training principles and protocols to increase your performance and keep you healthy! I believe in quality over quantity, ensuring proper technique is always used, in order to keep you healthy and achieve optimal results. I will always have a ‘why’ for the exercises I prescribe, rather than simply prescribing exercises or programs to make you feel tired and fill time.

I have experience working with athletes from the elite youth athlete, to the NCAA Division 1, CIS,National, and Professional Level athlete in sports such as basketball, triathlon, soccer, swimming, rugby, hockey, track & field, rowing, and karate.  Currently, on top of seeing individuals & groups, I am working as the strength & conditioning coach for West Point Grey Academy.  As well, I've had the great opportunity to participate in the fitness testing for the Vancouver Canucks and their prospects for the past 3 seasons.  I also greatly enjoy working with clients looking to become more educated on how to feel, move, and look better.

To achieve your goals, it will be very important for you to successfully implement the strategies learned here outside of your time spent with me. This may be in the form of spending more time in the gym on your own, stretching or doing your corrective exercises more frequently, or paying more attention to your nutritional habits. It is my aim to help you along during this oftentimes tough process.