Group Training

Thank you for your interest in group training.  Please e-mail me at to request further information on my various group training offerings.

I am more than happy to accomodate groups of friends/teammates/co-workers who would like to create a custom-class at a time & day of their choosing.  Please see group training formats below. 

If you would like to register for group training as an individual, please contact me and I will update you on the next public group training session that will be available for you to attend. 

I coach sessions catered to the Youth Multi-Directional Athlete, the Endurance Performance Athlete, as well as the General Fitness Population.  Further information on class curriculums will be provided upon e-mail request. 

Group Training Formats:
Each class will have a limit of 5 participants in order to ensure optimal technique is used by all participants, and to better cater exercise prescription to your individual needs.

Optimal Cost Efficiency: You or your group may register for 6 consecutive weeks or sessions at a cost of $180 + HST.  If you can commit to 6 pre-planned sessions over 6 consecutive weeks or less, this option will provide you with the most cost efficiency.

Optimal Time Flexibility:  Your group may book a group session and  "Pay As You Go", or you may "Drop In" to a public group training session.  Pay As You Go rates depend on how many people are in your group.  The Drop In fee for public sessions is $40/session (GST included).  This is the best option for those who travel frequently, or for those groups who would like to learn a particular skill over one session.

Combination of Time Flexibility and Cost Efficiency (for custom groups only): Pre-register for 10 sessions to be used within 1 years time.  If you purchase as a group, the sessions must be used as a group.  Represents a savings of $50

Contact me at, or 604-347-5661 to receive further information or register today!


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