My primary training location takes place out of Groundwork Athletics at #10-760 Granville Street, conveniently located just outside of the Vancouver City Centre Skytrain Station.

Small Group Training (2-5 People)

Small group training is an extremely effective mode of training for a few reasons:
  • Training with others will motivate you to keep working as hard as you can.
  • By keeping the groups small, your coach can dedicate more time to ensuring proper technique is used to optimize your results and keep you safe.
  • It saves you money!
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3 Hour Intensives (2-5 People)

3 hour intensives are a great way to intimately learn a training skill of your choice in a short period of time. Skills learned here may be taken with you to train on your own, or to train others.

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One on One Training

One on one training is recommended if you possess movement limitations, have an injury history, or have specific training goals that require individualized performance or corrective exercise prescription.

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