Steven Zheng - Swimmer at Georgetown University; Former Swimmer with the Vancouver Pacific Swim Club in Vancouver

I’ve definitely learned a lot from training with Sean, especially working to compliment what I do in the pool. Swimming is a really repetitive sport, with a high risk of overuse injuries; Sean has taught me the importance of balancing the muscles stressed during swimming and those key to supporting them, through both strength and flexibility work, so that I can stay healthy and be able to come back stronger to every practice.
Sean has helped me with my shoulder health, hamstring flexibility and strength, and core stability. Physically, training with Sean has helped me become stronger and more efficient in the water. Working with Sean has also given me a mental edge: confidence that I’m doing the right things with the right people; confidence knowing that I’ve worked harder and smarter than the other seven people lined up behind the blocks.

Jennifer Brule, Former U20 National Rugby Team member, UBC Thunderbirds Rugby team member, 2012 Team Ontario team member, World Cup 2014 hopeful

When I first started training with Sean, I was extremely tight in my hip flexors which constituted to having a wicked anterior tilt in my pelvis, as well as having shoulder surgery which was not back to 100% health. After only a month and a half of training with Sean, we have corrected the anterior tilt, just by performing movements properly and efficiently while training. My shoulder, an integral part in the game of rugby, is still not 100%, however, the team here does not allow this to go un noticed; everyday trying new corrective exercises, directing me to different professionals to help mend this injury. Although not 100% yet, by the time I leave for New Zealand this summer, I know that my shoulder will be back to full health and strength.
Sean goes above and beyond to provide what is needed to be successful. I am an amateur athlete, and it is a comforting feeling knowing that Sean believes in me. So, Yes, I am absolutely confident that Sean will provide me with a foundation to achieve all that I want.

Andy Tai, Basketball Player at the University of Toronto, Former Athlete at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, BC

Since training with Sean, I have learned that the sky's the limit as long as you train properly. Sean trains you properly, focusing on the quality of the work you do, rather than the quantity.  Sean doesn't just find the weaknesses in a athletes, he corrects the things atheltes do wrong. He understands what over working someone does, and he has helped me greatly.   My training technique and flexibility/mobility has improved alot under Sean's guidance.  I am a lot more explosive.  My defensive slides are more powerful, I can jump higher, and I am able to hold better position in the post, while also taking contact and still finishing at the rim. I am much more confident in my basketball game.  My goal was to be able to deadlift 300lbs by the end of summer, and also to make the University of Toronto basketball varsity team. He kept me moving towards them even after I left Vancouver. His support is no doubt there. He is one of the main reasons I achieved it. My next goal is to be the best player on my team. I am sure next summer, he will once again help me to achieve this goal.